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“...Kid’s Fantasy offers a wide selection of various art and craft sets, cool fluffy brushes, scented erasers, ice-cream shaped markers, wonderful construction paper sets. In a word, it’s a cost-efficient solution for little artists.”


“There you’ll find the most affordable craft supplies! And there’s always something unusual in stock, like scented markers — they’re amazing! Red and green scents are my daughter’s favorites. I even bought a pen with a keychain for my work! My coworkers are envious for sure.”


“We buy high-quality colored pencils and bright double-ended marker pens with stamps there. They offer a wide selection of craft supplies. When I come there with my little one, we never leave empty-handed because there’s always something exciting at a nice price.”

Vasha Nyushka

“...Fix Price Kid’s Fantasy Markers, 12 Colors, SKU YJ131180255 turned out to be really good. We’ve had this set for two weeks, and it’s shown to be very durable despite all hardships and trials. They don’t smear and don’t bleed through. I highly recommend them.”


“...I was looking for cheap bright and soft pencils, and I got ones that exceeded my expectations 200 %! And they only cost me 99 rubles. Break-resistant lead, easy to sharpen. My kid is happy, and that’s the best part of it. I do recommend! And I’ll definitely get another box for us.”


“I’m once again reminded that Fix Price offers good-quality stationery. I’m already acquainted with Kid’s Fantasy as I once bought watercolor crayons my boy loved. I highly recommend them. I don’t think you can find anything better at such prices.”


“...Turns out they have such a huge selection of stationery. I’ve never noticed it before. Unconventional notepads, pens, markers, highlighters, and pencils of all shapes and colors, even metallic, scented, and glittering ones. The prices are no less surprising. I strongly recommend their markers.”


“...This is a nice set to have. Both kids and adults will love it. The markers are simply remarkable! They’re bright and, which I find the most surprising, easily cope with everyday drawing. My youngster has been using these for two days :)”